From the Desk of the Department of Teddy Bear Defense, U.S.A. / Worldwide ^_^

hard working teddy bear


My Fellow Teddy Bears,

Many of you are enjoying travels to far away lands and enjoying your time abroad. To you, which consists of the vast majority of bears, I say this group is serving its purchase.

For others, some issues have arisen, issues that were never meant to be. For starters, we have bad swappers to report. If you didn’t see them listed on the homepage, at the current time, we have:

[RaggedyReee](person) of Group 9


[droppedstitch2](person) of Group 8

listed as bad swappers for our group. This saddens me. To think of wayward bears, unable to pick up their knapsack and visit the next spot on their itinerary, I shed a tear and acknowledge them in our fallen teddy bear soldiers memorial.

Now, on to the **future** of the group. Many of you have asked, “How can I join a new group?” “How can my bear(s) join in the fun?” You, my friend, are the life blood of this group. Unfortunately, due to numerous flow/bad swapper issues this group has had, no new groups will be formed until everything is settled with the newest groups that have formed.

One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch, but it leaves the possibility of future groups up in the air.

I, Ethena Knitty Bear, apologize in advance. We’re working hard to keep the flow of the bears consistent, in the meantime, as the list whittles down for the single bear swaps in groups 1, 2, 5, etc., keep your eyes peeled for future sign ups in those groups.

I hope this answers questions that might be lingering on anyone’s mind.

My mom, KnittyCent, never imagined this group would grow the way that it has and thanks all of you for making it the fun place that it is.

I must get back to work now….ordering new Build a Bear outfits on mom’s debit card, or something like that.

Ciao, TTYL, Toodles, and Bye!!!

from the desk of the dept. of teddy bear defense


October 18, 2008. Traveling Teddy #1, Traveling Teddy #2, Traveling Teddy #3, Traveling Teddy #5.

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