From the Desk of the Department of Teddy Bear Defense, U.S.A. / Worldwide ^_^

hard working teddy bear


My Fellow Teddy Bears,

Many of you are enjoying travels to far away lands and enjoying your time abroad. To you, which consists of the vast majority of bears, I say this group is serving its purchase.

For others, some issues have arisen, issues that were never meant to be. For starters, we have bad swappers to report. If you didn’t see them listed on the homepage, at the current time, we have:

[RaggedyReee](person) of Group 9


[droppedstitch2](person) of Group 8

listed as bad swappers for our group. This saddens me. To think of wayward bears, unable to pick up their knapsack and visit the next spot on their itinerary, I shed a tear and acknowledge them in our fallen teddy bear soldiers memorial.

Now, on to the **future** of the group. Many of you have asked, “How can I join a new group?” “How can my bear(s) join in the fun?” You, my friend, are the life blood of this group. Unfortunately, due to numerous flow/bad swapper issues this group has had, no new groups will be formed until everything is settled with the newest groups that have formed.

One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch, but it leaves the possibility of future groups up in the air.

I, Ethena Knitty Bear, apologize in advance. We’re working hard to keep the flow of the bears consistent, in the meantime, as the list whittles down for the single bear swaps in groups 1, 2, 5, etc., keep your eyes peeled for future sign ups in those groups.

I hope this answers questions that might be lingering on anyone’s mind.

My mom, KnittyCent, never imagined this group would grow the way that it has and thanks all of you for making it the fun place that it is.

I must get back to work now….ordering new Build a Bear outfits on mom’s debit card, or something like that.

Ciao, TTYL, Toodles, and Bye!!!

from the desk of the dept. of teddy bear defense


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TT#1 – In the Carolinas!

I arrived!!!  …..barely as my travel package was busted wide open! So glad I got to the Carolinas safely! Whew!Before I could catch my breathe in the Queen City, I was immediately whisked away for a road trip to Raleigh, NC!

I got to meet a little person who was intrigued by me

And luckily she wasn’t that infatuated with me so I wasn’t kidnapped! ;o)

My new North Carolina friends took me to a church car wash

I almost got wet! But it would have felt Oh So Good as it was HAWT outside! 

Someone then dragged me to this place where I was told there is fiber and such there I guess??

Shuttles, Needles, & Hooks is the LYS in Cary that is has been in the community for about 20 years in a house

I think I took a fancy to this wheel and enjoyed this spinning thing

It was so much fun!! But did I mention it was HAWT?!?  Even inside so we had to go!

The rest of the trip was a blur as my caretaker kept hiding me in this basket…pfft! Some trip!

CrimsonPurl even put to work right before I was shipped off to my next destination!

There has to be some bear work labor protection law out there!!  But at least I enjoyed knitting on the socks!

Well be sure to keep track of me as I am in transit to see Dexi in Canada next!!  See you again soon!

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Okay, one more!

Effie made her way on down the road this past Thursday.

This afternoon, Traveling Teddy #5 (yes, five) made his way toward Australia via the post office. full ensemble Not without getting outfitted in a hand tailored outfit!

He was so excited that he demanded the photogs from GQ Magazine come over for an impromptu photo shoot before his departure. teddy's dignified pose I think he got into it a little too much.

Anywho, with the photo shoot out of the way, TT#5 made his way to the store for a few trinkets. He couldn’t make up his mind, so he decided on two of them. model A silver spoon and a pin to show where he originated from.

He got a little tiffed when he realized he’d have to travel to Australia in an envelope, i have to travel in a what?!?! but he got with the program and took one breath of fresh air before getting carried into the post office.

Safe travels, buddy!

We all look forward to hearing about your adventures! 🙂

July 21, 2008. Crocheting, Traveling Teddy #5. 1 comment.

And then there was 1…

One bear that is!

This morning, Traveling Teddy #2, and Anna‘s Traveling Teddy #3 (Round Robin of Bears Group) made the trek to work. Figured it was time they “earn” their keep. After a commute over the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge tacoma narrows bridge fog – there was quite a bit of fog – driving by an accident (3-4 car pile up that apparently involved a pedestrian), stopping for a morning latte, TT#2 decided he’d had enough and was ready to ship out for Tennessee.

Next stop, post office! well, this is my stop! So, that’s exactly where “the commuter mobile” went. reported it first, Effie going at it again, right before TT#2 slide into his large padded envelope, thinking photogs wouldn’t be at the post office this early in the morning. tt2 kiss from effie Well they were, and this is the all too familiar smooch that was seen by onlookers. Just like that, TT#2 was in a large envelope and off for Tennessee. Safe travels, buddy!

On to work Effie went. After getting disappointed at the espresso stand where are the baristas? (she had her money all ready to go too) and catching some mountain views while imagining herself as a college co-ed, coed effie , Effie went home to work on her passport for her own impending departure.

upclose of effie's passport This is the fruit of her labor. Effie’s quite proud and can’t wait for the pages to get filled up.

More later on once Effie’s on the road. Hoping for more posts from bears as they arrive at their new locales. 🙂

And then there was 1 . . .

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As the Teddy Bear Travels On…

Since the last time we’ve spoken, Traveling Teddy #1 made his way out to North Carolina this past Saturday. bremerton spoon Not without snagging himself a spoon from the small town in Washington that he originated from. He also got a de-briefing from the Traveling Bear Ambassador, Holly McKnotty. She told him the basics of being a hospitable stuffed guest. bear ambassador Typical stuff, leave the toilet seat down after finishing your business, please and thank you, etc. He knit a little bit on a scarf before packing it in to the post office. drop stitch knitting Says it helped to calm his nerves about the extended travel in an enclosed space.

Then, it was off to the post, but not before receiving a good-bye kiss from another bear that’ll be traveling the world soon in Traveling Teddies #3 Group on Ravelry, Effie. farewell my love Look at those two go at it, will ya?

Effie didn’t waste anytime getting to know another bear, Traveling Teddy #2. beachfront fun I tell ya that girl gets around! Anywho, they spent some quality time at the beach, enjoying the view and watching the Seattle/Bremerton Ferry run through the sound. Traveling Teddy #2 will be shipping out Monday to Tennessee with Effie following to Colorado soon after on Wednesday of this upcoming week.

After (Traveling Teddy #1 couldn’t be reached for comment about the alleged tryst) caught the two canoodling at the beach, Traveling Teddy #2 went home to get fitted for his backpack. He took the job very seriously and was great about modeling his knap sack. completed backpack This backpack was crocheted out of leftover Noro Kureyon like the others. TT#2 was happy about the fit.

Last, but not least, Traveling Teddy Bear’s “It” Girl, Effie, demanded a tote bag of her own, girlie style. effie's modeled tote bag She wanted something bright like her natural body color, so that’s what she got. She’s excited to venture out to new places in the near future and looks forward to coming back with all sorts of do-dads like her fellow teddy brethern and sisteren. 😉

Well, that’s it for now. As teddies start their travels, be on the look out for them at all sorts of off the beaten path locales. 😉

Until next time! 😀

July 14, 2008. Traveling Teddy #1, Traveling Teddy #2, Traveling Teddy #3. 2 comments.

i am sorry, but you are OUT!

Do you like my Project Runway voice?i'm in i'm in! huh? Do ya, do ya?

If you haven’t noticed, I look quite a bit different than the other guy. Our traveling bear hostel manager/facilitator decided that the initial teddy was losing too much of his “fluff” already. you are out! I had to take him outside and explain that his services will no longer be needed. It’s okay, he’ll be put to use back home, but I’ll be taking over his duties from now on. He called me a few choice words, but decided it was best for the mission of traveling the world.

With that said, allow me to introduce myself and my “brutha from anotha mutha.” brutha from another mutha I, the brown bear, will work as TT#1, and my friend here will work as TT#2 in a second group. We will travel the world on separate missions, but with the same goal; come back with plenty of trinkets from foreign lands and tales to tell. 🙂 We’re excited.

We even had our First Traveling Teddy Bears Convention. We hope to meet up again this time next year to discuss our travels. letting their hair down Courtesy of a Toys R Us 2 for 1 special, we were all purchased for approx $15. Our bear facilitator was excited about that for some reason. We didn’t pay it any mind though as teddies don’t deal in currency. We deal in fun photo ops and freebies! 😉

More photos and journal entries to come in the next few weeks. 😉

Can’t wait for you to see my backpack and further adventures. Ciao (for now)! 😀

July 12, 2008. Traveling Teddy #1, Traveling Teddy #2, Traveling Teddy #3. 4 comments.


My name’s Traveling Teddy #1. Traveling Teddy 1.2 I enjoy travels to foreign lands and even have a group devoted to me. This blog will be used to showcase my exploits. Hello world, hope you’re ready for me!!! Tee-hee!

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